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Looking for the Best End of Lease Cleaning Coffs Harbour?

We’ve been providing professional full service end of lease cleaning in Coffs Harbour for 15 years. Consequently, we’ve created a team of cleaning professionals that get the job done right first time. We are the premier providers for bond cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and flea spray treatments. Our high standards have led our company to become recommended by a majority of real estates in the Coffs area.


I’m interested in End of Lease cleaning Coffs Harbour, what now?

Simply give Wendy a call on 0427407175 and she will discuss your needs and let you know how we can help. We’ll do our best to get your work happening at a time that suits you. We offer more than just a thorough end of lease cleaning Coffs Harbour, we also offer upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet cleaning and flea spray treatments. The great thing is, we’ll coordinate all of our services you book to ensure they’re completed in the most efficient and timely way.


Real Estate Agents that recommend our End of Lease Cleaning Coffs Harbour

  • The Edge Real Estate
  • NSW Real Estate
  • PRD Nationwide
  • Ray White Real Estate
  • First National Real Estate
  • Raine and Horne Real Estate
  • Nolan Partners Real Estate

Total Works are dedicated to providing a high quality vacate cleaning service. Our friendly cleaning team follow a strict code of conduct and always aim to leave our customers satisfied.

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